Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training: Tourism Policy Branch

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training works closely with the tourism sector and other government agencies to sustain economic prosperity in the tourism industry in British Columbia, and is engaged in initiatives to ensure B.C. remains competitive in an ever-changing world of travel and leisure. The Ministry is committed to enhancing B.C.’s competitive position, jobs and economic certainty, by helping to create a positive business climate in which government programs and policies are conducive to supporting growth.

Tourism is a complex industry that is affected by federal, provincial and local government’s legislation, policies, investments and practices. Therefore, the Ministry works collaboratively across Governments to maximize the value of tourism while raising the profile of the sector as a key driver in growing a strong B.C. economy.

British Columbia’s Tourism Strategy

September 2015, Government announced an updated four-year strategy for the tourism sector, Gaining the Edge: 2015 - 2018 in support of Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan. The updated strategy has been designed to build on the successes gained through Gaining the Edge: 2012 – 2016, by increasing the volume of visitors to British Columbia, improving access for international travellers, and sustaining a profitable tourism sector.

In addition to information available in the Ministry’s 2015/16 – 2017/18 Service Plan, the following progress reports contain accomplishments under B.C.'s tourism strategies:

Gaining the Edge Progress Report (June 2015)
Gaining the Edge Progress Report (February 2014)

Tourism Policy Branch

The Tourism Policy Branch is part of the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training. Although many parts of the provincial government deliver tourism-related activities, the Tourism Policy Branch is focused on aligning provincial tourism activities and setting the strategic direction. The branch works with many agencies and stakeholders.

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training: Tourism Strategy and Policy Branch


Branch responsibilities include:

  • Developing and leading the implementation of provincial strategies to grow tourism (i.e. Gaining the Edge: 2015 - 2018 and Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan).
  • Engaging with all B.C. provincial government agencies/ministries with mandates that impact tourism, and identifying and leveraging opportunities between the various mandates.
  • Managing government’s strategic relationship with industry.
  • Coordinating activities between the provincial government and Destination British Columbia, the Ministry’s key tourism marketing partner.
  • Working with other provincial/territorial, federal and international agencies with mandates that affect the travel and tourism industry in British Columbia.
  • Overseeing any required legislative or regulatory changes that impact tourism.

Provincial Tourism-Related Legislation

The following tourism-related legislation is administered by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training:

  • The Tourism Act enables the Ministry to carry out the duties and powers necessary in relation to tourism policy, tourism services and infrastructure, industry support and tourism marketing, including powers related to roles of the newly formed crown Destination British Columbia.
  • The Hotel Guest Registration Act sets out the requirements for a record of guest information that must be maintained by a hotel.
  • The Hotel Keepers Act regulates the hotel industry in relation to liens on guest property, liability for guest property, ability to maintain order (issue offence).

Destination British Columbia

The Crown corporation Destination British Columbia was established on November 2, 2012 under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act and continued as a statutory Crown corporation pursuant to the Destination BC Corp. Act. Destination BC Corp. is wholly owned by the Province of British Columbia. Operating as Destination British Columbia, the organization is an industry-led Crown corporation that works collaboratively with tourism stakeholders across the province to coordinate marketing at the international, provincial, regional and local levels.

Destination British Columbia has been mandated to fulfil several key marketing and leadership responsibilities critical to the long-term, sustainable growth of the provincial tourism industry. For more info on these responsibilities, visit Destination British Columbia’s corporate website

If you would like to plan and book a trip in or to British Columbia, or learn more about B.C. as a travel destination, visit Destination British Columbia’s consumer website

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