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Canada - British Columbia Labour Market Agreement


Funding provided through the Labour Market Agreement (LMA) supports new investment in labour market programs and services for:

  • those who are unemployed but not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits or programs, and
  • those who are employed and  low-skilled, that is lacking high school diploma, lacking certification or essential skills.

Main Features

  • Beginning in 2008, Canada provides funding over the six years to support B.C. labour market programs.
  • The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training is the provincial ministry responsible for oversight of the LMA.
  • Federal LMA funding represents approximately $66 million per year over six years for a total of approximately $396 million.
  • Annual planning, financial reporting, performance measurement, public reporting and program evaluation provide accountability.

For more information: Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement

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LMA/LMDA Annual Plans and Reports

Canada/BC Annual Plans

Canada/BC LMA Performance Outcome Reports

Canada/BC LMA Three Month Outcomes Survey Reports

Canada/BC LMA Twelve Month Outcomes Survey Reports